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Chicago Shorts

Chicago Shorts has been created with the hope of introducing short films in a very inclusive way with a very affordable price. This unique festival is held annually in the beautiful city of Chicago.

Chicago Shorts About Us Chicago Shorts
This is a festival that runs by a group of volunteers with the hope of making the festival as inclusive as a possible. We have one central belief: We do believe that cinema is the product of mass culture; it was created with the hope of making culture available to more people. This great value of a festival has been lost, and cinema has become a commodity in the global market service. We don’t like this. We hope to act against this trend. In our festival, we do our best to be as inclusive as possible. Each round, the submitted projects are judged by a random team of invited experts from academia and film industry, against a high standard of merit. Every submission can add additional judging categories (via multiple submissions). The name(s) to be credited should be included in the cover letter or sent by email. All projects officially selected will receive the official laurel. We will also select few of them for our physical event which takes place at Logan Theatre.
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